Kalena Babeshoff has over 25 years’ experience in developing and disseminating programs that educate and mentor professionals who work with babies, children and/or families. Ms. Babeshoff has thousands of clinical hours with professionals, families and hospital staff.

All her programs are designed to include careful observation and adaptations to keep focus on secure relationship-centered connections. Kalena’s curriculum’s are neuro-developmentally appropriate and strengthen relationship attachment .

Ms. Babeshoff’s programs bring a somatic/felt sense of security, safety and trust in relationship interactions especially with primary care providers. This cultivates and increases the opportunity to model expressions of empathy, respect and love.

Ms. Babeshoff’s approaches to education include experiential learning designed to shift both perspective and practice. Her intention is to influence behavioral  and mental health, sense of self and capacity for expressing kindness. She remains committed to changing generational patterns that grew from ignorance, fear and lack of healthy role modeling.